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  • White Prussian

    White Prussian

    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Pale - ABV: 4.3%
    This pale lager-like ia all-German hopped to give excellent balance and rich flavour.
  • Silverheart IPA

    Silverheart IPA

    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Pale - ABV: 4.0%
    A superb IPA with a well balanced malty sweetness and crisp hop finish.
  • Severina Vienna

    Severina Vienna

    1 x 330ml can
    Style: Lager - ABV: 5.0%
    Gold Medal winning Vienna style lager
  • Pilsner


    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Lager - ABV: 4.0%
    Antidote to mass-produced lager! Lager Malt Perle & Saaz hops give a clean crisp taste of creamy malt & strong herbal aromas with a dry hoppy finish that is not too bitter
  • Myricale


    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Wheat - ABV: 4.1%
    Bringing an old recipe bang up to date, this brew uses Bog Myrtle (Myrica Gale), an ingredient in beer in medieval times before hops became popular. This delicious wheat beer allows the gingery herb-like qualities of this remarkable plant to sing through.
  • Lightheart Pale Ale

    Lightheart Pale Ale

    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Pale - ABV: 3.3%
    A golden pale ale that really punches above its abv when it comes to flavour. A light easy drinking low alcohol pint.

6 Item(s)

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