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  • 12 Ales of Christmas

    12 Ales of Christmas

    12 x bottles

    12 Mixed Christmas Themed and spiced winter ales, winter warmers, sumptous dark ales perfect for drinking by a roaring fire on a cold winter's day Delivery from 1st Dec 2017
  • Belgian Blue

    Belgian Blue

    1 x 500ml bottle
     - ABV: 4.9%
    This unique beer has Christmas Berry overtones and has a slight blue tint to the head making it an unusual winter warmer!
  • Cold Snap

    Cold Snap

    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Lager - ABV: 5.2%
    Straw coloured lager style ale. Brewed using the finest lager, cara and wheat malts, to produce a beer with a frosty morning crispness created by its pilsner style hop finish.
  • Jingle Bell Rock

    Jingle Bell Rock

    1 x 500ml
    Style: Golden - ABV: 4.2%
    This lighter ale specifically brewed to celebrate Christmas. The tradition of brewing special ales for winter predates Christmas itself. For centuries, European monasteries celebrated Christmas with Prima Melior—the special reserve, which literally translates “the best.” Light and refreshing. Spicy blackcurrant bitterness with a mild sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate.
  • Santa's Little Belcha!

    Santa's Little Belcha!

    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Golden - ABV: 5.0%
    A golden ale brewed with rich malts and wheat, Christmas spices and hoppy flavours. Perfect for the festive season.
  • Santa's Tipple

    Santa's Tipple

    1 x 330ml bottle
    Style: Dark - ABV: 6.0%
    A dark, warming winter beer with chocolate, orange and star anise.
  • Winter Warmth

    Winter Warmth

    1 x 500ml bottle
    Style: Dark - ABV: 4.6%
    A ruby coloured winter warmer, a rich comforting depth of chocolate and roast malt flavours give way to a subtle spice and orange fruit hop notes. Comfort in a glass.

7 Item(s)

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